Learn how to become a Home Inspector
Home Inspector Training

Home Inspector Training
A Home Inspector helps homeowners make confident and educated decisions about potentially the biggest purchase they may ever make.
A Home Inspector helps secure a safe environment for their families.
A Home Inspector helps sellers prepare their houses for sale.
A Home Inspector performs home safety checks, ensuring the condition and safety of a home over time.

Home Inspectors are trained experts. People rely on us to find such things as a gas leak or a broken chimney flue. These detections save lives.

JHS Inspections helps people obtain success as small business owners in the property inspection business. In fact, "I've been doing it for over 30 years!" -Jack McGraw.

JHS Inspections Home Inspection School combines an on-line course to complete your state required training, then hands on training where you will work 1 on 1 with an experienced home inspector. You will learn from our years of experience, and upon graduation you will be confident in your own skills.

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We have many successful Home Inspection Business owners:

  • Full Time or a Great Part Time Job!
  • If you are a Handyman or in the trades, this is a natural extension of your current business
  • Retired Construction and Tradesmen
  • Retired Fire Personnel
  • Retired Police Personnel
  • Anyone who likes working with their hands and exploring buildings
  • Set your own hours, taking as little as one job per week, or go full time for maximum earnings
  • Work From Home and Earn Income

How Much does a Home Inspector Make

According to payscale.com the average home inspector salary is around $46,000++ per year. Top salaries are in the $72,000 range. These salaries will obviously vary by area, how hard you wish to work and how many clients you accept each week.

We are accepting training applications now. If you are not in the Chicago Metro area, call us and lets explore if we have personnel in your area to team you up with. One phone call could change your life, start you on a new full time career or provide a great part time income. Call now!

Please visit my contact page and let me know how I can be of service to you. Ask any questions by email, or feel free to call me.

Train to become a professional
Home Inspector

how to become a home inspector

1. Study at home in your spare time at your own pace. Call with questions or problems, we are here to help you through this process!

Home Inspection School home inspector training

2. Take the written test to become certified. Once you pass, you are almost ready!

If you needed brain surgery, you wouldn't want a surgeon who only read about doing operations in a book. Home inspections are just as important. We not only provide training and certification, we ALSO provide on the job training and experience.

Home Inspector Jobs

3. Experience actual home inspections. Shadow our inspectors on several actual home inspections. Meet the clients, see actual properties. When you are ready, your first "solo" home inspection will be on your own home. Our inspector will shadow you during the inspection to ensure each item is covered. After your own home is inspected and accurately documented, you are ready for your first paying customer. And we will even accompany you on this first inspection as well.

When you finish our course, you will have the knowledge to perform home inspections, certification of your knowledge, and the experience of having accomplished several home inspections. All before your first customer. You feel confident in your abilities and the client will feel confident in your findings.

how much do home inspectors make

how much does a home inspector make

Become a Home Inspector